AG Attendance is a workforce management system that helps company to manage the productivity of their workforce effectively by providing staff scheduling, time attendance tracking and automatic overtime computation and approval. These are integrated with AGHRM Payroll for off the shelf statutory compliance in 4 countries.

Today’s businesses are no longer confined to fixed locations. AGHRM extends our mobile apps to include location based (GPS) clocking with geo fencing capabilities.  For the peace of mind of our users, we have also enhanced the security of our mobile apps to provide biometric (fingerprint and facial) authentication.

AGHRM is a Pre-approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Human Resources Solution by Enterprise Singapore. PSG grant provide up to 70% funding support for SMEs in Singapore. For more details, please refer to here.

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    Our features

    1. Staff Scheduling

    a. Support for Fixed and Flexible Shift

    i. For fixed shift patterns, users can define unlimited shift patterns based on weekly and bi-weekly patterns. Such patterns will automatically be generated for the subsequent month.

    ii.For flexible shift patterns, users can clone the previous week schedule for ease of scheduling.

    b. Staff borrowing – Worksite managers are able to borrow staff from another worksites if there a shortage of manpower.

    c. Integration with Leave – Planners would be able to view the leave movement of their staff within the same scheduling screen

    d. Schedule Publishing – Once the schedule has been finalised, the planner can publish the schedule and it would be visible to the staff on the web and mobile apps

    2. Time Tracking – AGHRM Attendance provides 2 main categories of time clocks.

    a. Wall Mount time clocks – These time clocks are good for companies with larger workforce in a limited number of locations.

    i. Futronics F21 Fingerprint Scanner- Supports Fingerprint , Mifare card and ID/Password authentication

    ii.IDLink Netfinger T9 – Supports Face, Fingerprint, Mifare/HID card and ID/Password authentication

    b. Mobile Apps

    i. AGHRM Mobile – Provides location based clocking integrated with in-phone biometric authentication* (Fingerprint for Android, Fingerprint and Face for iOS). Good for highly mobile professional workforce.

    * Actual functionality depends on phone model.

    ii. AGHRM Attendance – Android based app that provide location based clocking with external fingerprint scanner. Good for companies with distributed location and large number of casual workers

    3. Time Management

    a. Automatic computation of overtime payment and allowances based on staff clocking information.

    b. Online verification and approval of overtime payments and allowance by worksite managers.

    c. Project costing based on staff clocking information and month end payroll data

    d. Absence management helps companies to detect staff who was absent without official leave

    e. Integration with AGHRM Payroll