Growth begins with discovering areas of improvement. AGHRM Performance module allows you to do just that by managing and tracking your employees’ performance to align business objective  with team and individual aspirations.

Configurable Online Appraisals 

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual appraisals. Go online with AGHRM Performance’s easy-to-use configurable appraisal forms to suit your organisation’s structure and specific requirements. Just starting out? Use any of our best practices templates to speed up your configuration and adoption from the appraisers as well as the appraises.

 Set corporate, team and individual objectives

Organize and structure your corporate objectives and cascade them down to your teams and individual employee’s specific role’s goals and competencies.

Competency Library

Refer to our Competency Library for flexible and definable competency models for each designation within your organization.

Automated Workflow

Improve efficiency and reduce confusion during the performance appraisal process through our system workflow engine. Both the appraiser and appraisee with be guided by the automated workflow to complete the appraisal according to the stipulated timeline.

2-way Goals Setting and Appraisal Ratings

Appraisees will be able to self-define their goals before aligning with their appraiser and also do a self-appraisal before meeting with their appraiser.