Payroll Management

AGHRMS Payroll Management helps companies meet these payroll statutory requirements in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

In addition to these statutory compliance, AGHRMS Payroll Management helps to streamline payroll management by:

  • Easy payroll processing with integration with AGHRMS Claims, AGHRMS Attendance, AGHRMS Leave.
  • Electronic Salary Payment with over 30 regional financial institutions
  • General Ledger interface with popular accounting solutions including MYOB, SAP, NAV, P5, Sage, Acumatica and Quickbooks
  • Payroll Connector to allow allows regional companies to import payroll data into our system to enjoy consolidated group level payroll reporting into a single reporting currency.

AGHRM is a Pre-approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Human Resources Solution by Enterprise Singapore. PSG grant provide up to 70% funding support for SMEs in Singapore. For more details, please refer to here.

For Singapore payroll, companies would need to comply with the following:

    • Monthly – Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a comprehensive social security system that enables working Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to set aside funds for retirement. It also addresses healthcare, home ownership, family protection and asset enhancement.
      • CPF contribution for employees and employers
      • Ethnic funds contribution
      • Skills Development Levy
    • Annual Employment Income Return– Employers are required to submit their employees’ employment income (IR8A form) by 1st Mar of the following year. Companies with 7 or more employees are required to submit these returns electronically via Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income.

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    For Malaysia payroll, companies would need to comply with the following:

      • Monthly – There are 4 funds to be contributed on a monthly basis for Malaysia payroll.
        • SOCSO – provide social security protection to employees and their dependants through the Employment Injury Scheme and the Invalidity Scheme.
        • Employees Provident Fund (EPF) help the Malaysian workforce to save for their retirement in accordance to the Employees Provident Fund Act 1991.
        • Employment Insurance System (EIS) is a financial scheme aimed at helping employees who lost their jobs until they find new employment. This is administrated by SOCSO.
        • PCB – Monthly withholding Income tax. Employers are required to withhold the employees income tax and pay to the LHDN Malaysia
      • Annual Employment Income Return –Employers are required to provide their employees with employment income return(EA form) by 28th Feb of the following year
    For Indonesia payroll, companies would need to comply with the following:
      • Monthly
        • Jamsostek is the social security insurance is mandatory for every employment in Indonesia, especially for local employees
        • Withholding Tax –Employers are required to withhold the employee income tax from the salaries payable to their employees on a monthly basis and pay the tax to the State Treasury.
      • Annual Income Return – Employers are required to provide their employees with employment income return
    For Myanmar payroll, below are the compliances.
      • Monthly
        • Social Security Board (SSB) administers Myanmar’s social security programs, including benefits and contributions.
        • Withholding Tax – Employer are required to withhold tax on employment income.
      • Annual
        • Annual Income Tax Return – Employers are required to furnish an annual salary statement within three months of the end of the income year