Why is employee unable to apply leave?

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When employee click on apply leave, they may receive the following error message:

Invalid or missing Leave Scheme/Calendar assigned to this employee!


In AG portal, employee must be assigned Leave Scheme before they can apply a leave application.


To fix this issue, follow these steps to assign Leave Scheme to employee:

  1. Login as an administrator. Refer to Applicable Roles on the necessary roles to access this function.
  2. Go to Leave -> Manage Trans. -> Assign Employees.
  3. Enter the Employee Name/ID then select the employee from the dropdown.
  4. Click on the New Assignment button.
  5. Enter Effective Date, Leave Scheme and Leave Calendar then click on the Add button.

Note: If this is the employee’s first leave scheme, the Effective Date should be similar with the Date Join.

Applicable Roles:

  • Leave Administrator
  • System Administrator

Supported on:

Web portal only

Last Updated On July 03, 2019