What does the status of CR_Pending means?

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CR_Pending is short for “Change Request Pending”. IIn both Claims and Leave module, Manager can choose to approve, reject or request for changes to be made to the leave/claim application which they have submitted.

If Manager choose to request for changes from Requestor, Manager will have to input comments to the ‘Remarks’ field before sending the request. The status of leave/claim application will then be changed to CR_Pending. With this status, only Requestor can take action to the leave/claim application.

How to:

Web portal:

  1. Login as employee.
  2. Go to Claims-> Claims Status OR Leave -> Leave Status.
  3. Click on the application with CR_Pending status.
  4. Amend the details according to Manager’s comment.
  5. Click the ‘Save’ button to resubmit the application. The application status will become ‘Pending’ and routed to Manager for approval.

Mobile App:

  1. Login as Employee.
  2. Click on the Claims / Leave Status icon.
  3. Amend the details by referring to Manager’s comment.
  4. Click on the Amend button to resubmit the application. The application status will be changed to Pending and routed to manager for approval.

Applicable Roles:

  • Employee

Supported on:

  • Web portal
  • Mobile App
Last Updated On July 03, 2019