Today’s businesses are no longer confined to fixed locations. As demand for mobility increases, so does the need for integrated systems to be able to scale accordingly. With AGHRM Attendance, keeping track of your employees’ has never been easier.


  • Clock-in from wherever they are needed to be. All they need to do is download the app onto their smartphone and snap a selfie to verify their attendance
  • eAttendance feature where employees are able to view their schedule as well as attendance records online


  • Time tracking via biometric recognition on a wall-mounted device that supports: facial, fingerprint, Mifare card or ID/Password authentication
  • Online scheduling of work shifts by manager
  • Work patterns with unlimited weekly or bi-weekly work patterns
  • Fixed or flexible scheduling (also supports cloning of previous week schedule)
  • Borrowing of staff from other work sites
  • Daily allowance for attendance, transport, meal, shift and other types of allowances
  • Integration to payroll for approved attendance